Our Healthcare clients often wonder about selling their Accounts Receivables. Although this has been a common practice in other industries for some time, for HIPPA and community relationships, healthcare had been slow to respond. AR Assist has seen a recent shift toward debt sales in the recent years. With the increase in uninsured patients and the rising out-of-pocket cost of co-pays and deductibles, the revenue cycle has lengthened and the need for improved cash flow has led many organizations to look for alternative revenue streams.

Many factors need to be considered when contemplating selling your bad debt: the intangibles such as the culture of your company, whether your organization may be preparing for an acquisition or merger, the community relations message you may be sending, and what control you need to maintain after selling your receivables. These are all true concerns.


AR Assist does not purchase nor sell Medical Debt Portfolios. We match quality purchasing buyers with perspective Healthcare providers who wish to market a portion of their receivables. We provide our clients with a broad range of operational and financial consulting service and customized attention. Leveraging our many relationships and years of experience in the medical industry, we are able to maximize the present and future value of our client’s assets through insights and proven, effective operational advice and management.

In these times of growing bad debt due to economic conditions, compounded by declining collection  recoveries efforts and fluxuating prices for the sale of medical bad debt portfolios, it is crucial that Healthcare groups and their billing companies maximize all resources in an effort to collect as much against their receivables as possible.


AR Assist management team has 80+ years combined expertise in the healthcare industry.