AR AdvantageTM  Setup


  • Your file AR AdvantageTM should download to the

/opt/prldesk/Download folder.

  • You will need to copy AR AdvantageTM to a folder - any folder - on your USB Flash Drive. You can do that using the FLUFF file manager.
  • To get the FLUFF file manager to open, use a TERMINAL PROMPT (black box on main screen) and type fluff You can use fluff for copying files or creating folders; i.e. a work folder where you can copy or run downloaded files.
  • Once AR AdvantageTM is copied to your USB Flash Drive, run AR AdvantageTM by highlighting it with the fluff file manager and clicking RUN.
  • Once you run AR AdvantageTM a new folder will be created called aramed where AR AdvantageTM and other files will be downloaded during the setup.


After running AR AdvantageTM once

you should run ararunme

from the aramed folder.

  • You will have an opportunity to set up your User License and cursory company information. This may be changed later.

The main menu should appear which allows you to begin importing patient data and running reports; depending on your User License.